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Fusion Mineral Paint

Fusion Mineral Paint - Pearl Wax 50g

Fusion Mineral Paint - Pearl Wax 50g

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Waxing doesn’t have to be painful! Using only the finest ingredients, our waxes are handmade using a 40-year-old recipe. Incredibly easy to use, virtually odourless and goes on soft as butter providing a beautiful satin durable finish.  

The wonderful thing about Fusion Mineral Paint is you don’t need wax for a top coat!

But we LOVE waxes for giving a little something extra to your piece!

Why would you use wax on your furniture?

This is an extra, optional step that is only recommended for aesthetics and feel. Not for added durability on a painted surface.

Super Smooth Finish

Adding wax can create an extra smooth buttery finish. Often people like to Wet Sand and then add wax on top. Fusion Mineral Paint is perfectly fine and smooth on its own, however, this extra added technique really changes the overall feel of the piece.

Increased Sheen

Fusion Mineral Paint is a beautiful matte finish, it is water-resistant and very durable. Sometimes when you have a darker colour, the matte finish can pick up some dirt residue, although this can easily be washed off, it may show marks. To prevent marks on darker colours, adding a thin layer of wax to increase the sheen will prevent any marks from occurring. 

Add some extra character!

Our tinted waxes are the perfect way to add a little something special. Also, our liming wax is a great way to lighten up your piece for a beachy whitewashed look. Our ageing wax is a great way to give instant age to a piece.

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