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Cling On Brushes

Cling On Brush Pointies - 3 sizes

Cling On Brush Pointies - 3 sizes

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Our pointed paintbrushes are perfect for getting into carved detail, intricate scrollwork, appliques & ornate furniture pieces.  The pointies come in 3 sizes. 
PS10 is the smallest paintbrush in the Cling On! line-up and is so cute! Choose this one for more intricate pieces & the PS14
for larger detail work

Do yourself a favour and add an Artisan Brush Soap to your cart to protect your Cling On Brush investment.  Your Cling on Brush will thank you for it as will your next project painted with a soft conditioned paint brush.  Artisan Brush Soap comes as a solid in a small container, so when you're using it you won't waste a drop as compared to a liquid soap.  A great investment that will last for months.

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