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Artisan - Quick Prep Primer White or Grey

Artisan - Quick Prep Primer White or Grey

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Artisan Quick Prep Primer is a waterbased stain and tannin blocker. Quick drying, it allows you to get maximum adhesion to slick surfaces as well as blocking tannin, stains and odours.

500ml jar.

Available in white or grey.

When to use white or grey primer.

White primer is usually used under lighter coloured paints.

Grey Primer is usually used under darker coloured paints.


Quick Prep Primer is VOC free, nearly odourless and easy to apply. Dries to a self levelling matte finish.  Applying Quick Prep Primer under Artisan Mineral Paint gives whites more opacity, and gives the brights and darks more vibrancy, reducing the number of coats required.

Quick Prep safely deals with tough stains such as permanent markers, water stains, most tannins and odours.  You may need a second primer coat if your project has strong bleeding tannins, but is not essential.  Another tip for heavy tannin bleeders is to apply primer as above, then a layer of flat matte sealer followed by a 2nd primer coat.  The sealer helps to seal the tannins before then applying a second primer coat.  

After cleaning your project, apply Quick prep Primer by brush or roller. Allow to dry for 1 hour.  If required, apply a second coat of Quick Prep and allow to dry for a further hour before painting with Artisan Paint.

Apply to a clean dry surface. Glossy surfaces should be scuff sanded to remove gloss. Quick Prep Primer can be applied with a synthetic brush, short nap microfibre roller or spray. Quick Prep Primer evens out the porosity of repairs meaning that they become invisible under the paint.  Drying Times (at 25°C): Touch dry: 40 minutes. Re-coat after 4 hours. Clean up using water. 

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