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Elevate Your Furniture Upcycling with Creative Wallpaper Transformations

Furniture upcycling has become a captivating trend, allowing DIY enthusiasts to breathe new life into old pieces. One secret weapon that can truly revamp your furniture is wallpaper. Not just for walls anymore, wallpaper can be a game-changer in your upcycling journey. Whether you're looking to rejuvenate a display cabinet, modernise drawer interiors, add a focal point on drawer fronts, or even experiment with textured wallpaper, the possibilities are endless. 

The restyled chiffonier below has been adorned with Potagerie wallpaper, as featured on Escape to the Chateau with Dick and Angel Strawbridge.  The chiffonier is also decorated with Fusion Mineral Paint Cashmere and Espresso Wax.

Potagerie Wallpaper Restyled Furniture Studio Melbourne Australia

Display Cabinets: Wallpaper serves as an excellent tool to revitalise display cabinets. By applying carefully chosen wallpaper to the back panel of a cabinet, you can add depth and character. Opt for patterns that complement the items you intend to display – from vintage china to cherished collectibles. The juxtaposition of different textures and colors makes your cabinet a focal point, merging style and function seamlessly. This technique not only adds visual interest but also allows you to showcase your personality through your furniture.

Once brown and uninviting, the restyled display cabinet below, has undergone a remarkable makeover.  Now enhanced with the alluring Charm wallpaper and painted in the delicate hue of Fusion Mineral Paint French Egg Shell.  It now exudes a new found sense of elegance.

Display Cabinet Charm Wallpaper Restyled Furniture Studio Melbourne Australia

Drawer Liners: Say goodbye to plain, uninspiring drawers.  Infuse charm into the tiniest details by using wallpaper as drawer liners. Not only does this unexpected touch bring delight every time a drawer is opened, but it also protects delicate items and adds a layer of elegance to your furniture. Choose a wallpaper design that resonates with your personal aesthetic, transforming even the most utilitarian spaces into mini works of art.  

Chinoserie wallpaper lines the interior drawers as pictured below.  Whether you're upcycling for yourself or as a business, lining drawers adds a touch of sophistication and an unexpected delight for the owner, elevating the furniture's appeal.

Chinoserie Grey Wallpaper Restyled Furniture Studio Melbourne Australia

Drawer Fronts: Give your dresser or sideboard a facelift by enhancing the drawer fronts with carefully selected wallpaper panels. This technique lets you curate a completely unique piece that aligns with your style. It's a budget-friendly way to achieve a custom look without the hefty price tag.

Emerald fan wallpaper, from the Angel Strawbridge Escape to the Chateau collection, instantly transformed this bedside table into a unique, artistic expression. 


Emerald Fan Wallpaper Angel Strawbridge Restyled Furniture Studio Melbourne Australia

Textured Wallpaper: Experiment with textured wallpaper to add depth and tactile appeal to your furniture. Whether you're going for a rustic, industrial, or luxurious feel, textured wallpaper can create a stunning effect. Consider using it on tabletops, cabinet doors, or a plain area you need to add a little something extra.  You can find textured wallpaper in exquisite pre-printed decorative patterns for immediate application, or in a paintable format, allowing you to incorporate your desired color accents.

An otherwise plain half moon table has been elevated to a more decorative aesthetic with the use of textured wallpaper in this restyle.  The colour in this restyle is Fusion Mineral Paint Ash.
Textured Wallpaper Restyled Furniture Studio Melbourne Australia


Individual Designs: The beauty of using wallpaper in furniture upcycling lies in its versatility. You're not limited to pre-designed pieces; you can create your own individual designs. Mix and match patterns, layer different textures, or even paint over parts of the wallpaper to achieve a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Consider combining textures and designs to create a truly bespoke furniture artwork.  The bedsides below were commissioned to compliment a dresser with the watercolour fabric on all drawer fronts.  During the design process, we deliberated with the client, recognising the potential excess of watercolour fabric on both a tallboy and the bedside tables.  The solution? A masterful combination of wallpaper and fabric featuring the elegant Amber Floral design, beautifully accented with a coat of Fusion Mineral Paint Midnight Blue. The result? A bedroom suite that truly captivates.

Textured Wallpaper Restyled Furniture Studio Melbourne Australia

In the world of furniture upcycling, wallpaper is a cost effective powerful tool that enables you to transform old, worn-out pieces into something fresh and exciting. Whether you're drawn to intricate designs or minimalistic patterns, there's a wallpaper option that can take your furniture to the next level. So, dive into your creative reserves and embark on a journey of reinvention, where wallpaper becomes your partner in crafting personalised, statement-making furniture.

Be sure to save your left over pieces as there is a use for them as well. We often use our smaller pieces for projects such as coasters, breakfast trays and jewellery boxes. 

The world of upcycling finds inspiration in wallpaper, offering an array of choices and limitless creative avenues for its application across various projects.

Enjoy your Project!

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Chinoserie Grey Wallpaper Coasters Restyled Furniture Studio Melbourne Australia


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