Project 5 of 52 Part 3 - Roaring Transformation: Refurbishing a Queen Anne Set of Drawers into a Leopard-Inspired Masterpiece

Project 5 of 52 Part 3 - Roaring Transformation: Refurbishing a Queen Anne Set of Drawers into a Leopard-Inspired Masterpiece

We're on the home straight of our Leopard Print Bedside Table Transformation.  Which also leads us to completing 5 out of 52 projects in our 2024 52 Furnishing Facelifts in 52 weeks challenge.

At the end of part 2 of our Leopard Print Bedside transformation, we had prepared and painted the bedside tables in Coal Black, decoupaged the drawer front with leopard print fabric, which leaves us to tend to the tops.

Click to catch up on part 1 and part 2 of this impressive transformation.

Step 4: Concealing Blemishes with Raised Stenciling No furniture makeover is complete without addressing any imperfections or blemishes. To camouflage minor flaws and add an extra dimension to our design, we'll incorporate raised stenciling with a leopard print motif. Select a stencil featuring the distinctive spots of a leopard and apply it to the drawer tops using modeling paste or a similar medium. The raised texture of the stenciling adds visual interest and conceals any remaining blemishes, seamlessly blending with the decoupaged fronts.

With every refurbished project you may hit a few unexpected challenges.  As much as this is painful, this is how we have learned most of our skills.  Thinking outside the square and fixing mistakes are invaluable skill building lessons.

In this project, we couldn't get the tops as smooth as we would like.  so, when we can't get a smooth surface at Restyled Furniture Studio, we use texture.

In this case, we used a leopard print stencil from Belle Stencils, flexible spatula, Frog tape (delicate Surface) and smooth embossing paste from Fusion Mineral Paint, to texture the top.

🔥 HOT TIP:  We like to use Smooth Embossing paste for our raised stencil texture, as it dries fast, it's sturdy, it has a pearl shimmer that we can use or paint over and it's so smooth that there are no lumps in the raised stencil.  Frog tape below is easily found online or your local hardware store.

 Frog Tape Delicate Surface Restyled Furniture Studio

We cant stress enough how important placement is in your projects.  Nothing worse than a crooked text, or picture cut off by not strategically placing around the handles of a project or an uneven design.  In this case, we lined up the stencil in the centre at the front of the bedside top.  This enables our main focus being the front and centre to be whole with no cut off leopard spots. Stick the stencil down, just enough so it doesn't move.  Using the spatula, gently wipe the embossing paste across the surface of the stencil.  Stencils are quite thin, so what you will be left with is a very fine textured surface.  If its not perfect, don't worry, lets just call it rustic!

🔥 HOT TIP:  Don't overwork the embossing paste, be careful not to move the stencil and try your best to get a smooth texture without lines.  Any uneven application can be sanded later, but best to get as much as you can now.

Raised stencil using Fusion Mineral Paint Smooth Embossing Paste Restyled Furniture Studio

You may need to apply the embossing paste in several sessions depending on the size of your stencil and project.  Wait for the first stencil to dry before applying subsequent stencils. Line up the patterns with each applciation.  Once each stencil application is dry, give a light sand, wipe with a dmap lcoth and apint your Bedside table top.  We applied Black Wax to our finished piece.

How to decoupage with Fabric Leopard Print Queen Anne bedside tables Restyled Furniture Studio


The transformation of our Queen Anne set of drawers is now complete.  By employing techniques such as decoupaging with fabric, painting in sleek black, and incorporating raised stenciling, we've breathed new life into this classic furniture piece, elevating it to new heights of sophistication and style. 

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We hope we've inspired you to pick up a paint brush, and get busy creating your own refurbished home decor.  We're here to help you embark on your own creative endeavors. Whether through personal workshops or sharing insights, we're dedicated to guiding you every step of the way.

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