The Ultimate Furnishing Facelift: 52 Transformations in 52 weeks

The Ultimate Furnishing Facelift: 52 Transformations in 52 weeks

In the illustrious words of Barney Stinson, of How  I Met Your Mother "Challenge Accepted".  We're gearing up for an epic journey in 2024. Our mission? To tackle 52 furnishing or furniture facelifts in just 52 weeks. Barney Stinson Challenge Accepted 52 Furnishing Facelifts Blog Restyled Furniture Studio

Why? Why would we put this pressure on our self?  The solution lies in embracing accountability and setting ambitious goals to pursue. By maintaining focus and working towards a tangible reward, one can ultimately attain a profound sense of achievement.

Ever felt like life's demands kept you from pursuing your passions? Us too. 2023 was a whirlwind of distractions, leaving little time for what truly sparks joy: painting furniture. But fear not, because this year, we're reclaiming our creative sanctuary.

52 Furnishing Facelifts Blog Restyled Furniture Studio Furniture Painting and Supplies Melbourne Australia

At Restyled Furniture Studio, painting isn't just a hobby—it's creative therapy. Join us as we dive into a kaleidoscope of COLOUR, transforming ordinary pieces into extraordinary statement makers.

From sharing techniques to tackling mistakes, we'll cover it all. So, buckle up and follow our journey. We're not just here to create; we're here to inspire.

Stay tuned for our rules and goals, and don't forget to drop a comment with your project ideas. Let's make 2024 a year of boundless creativity and endless inspiration!

Follow us on social media for behind-the-scenes peeks and updates. Challenge accepted! Let's do this!"

A few other offerings we can almost certainly guarantee, include: sharing techniques, how you can paint your own furnishings, Teasets, Painted Frames, Alice in Wonderland, fixing mistakes, rust, thinking outside the box, bronzing, decoupage, chairs, transfers and before and afters.

Finally, peacocks - We love a peacock project!  You can expect we will be painting peacocks.

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